Maulbronn Monastery

The Unesco World Heritage Site Maulbronn Monastery is one of Europe’s best-preserved Medieval monastery complexes. Maulbronn Monastery

Salem Monastery & Palace

The former Cistercian abbey at Salem is one of the most important heritage sites in the Lake Constance region. Salem Monastery & Palace

Bebenhausen Monastery & Palace

A tour around the monastery church, refectory and dormitory brings the history of this former Cistercian monastery to life. Bebenhausen Monastery & Palace

Wiblingen Monastery

Wiblingen Monastery and its church represent the final masterpiece of Baroque architecture in Upper Swabia. Wiblingen Monastery

Lorch Monastery

In medieval times, Lorch Monastery was the Hohenstaufen family’s place of worship and burial site. Lorch Monastery

Schussenried Monastery

Schussenried Monastery enchants visitors with one of the most beautiful libraries in southern Germany. Schussenried Monastery

Hirsau Monastery

Formerly a Benedictine abbey, Hirsau Monastery is an architectural milestone. Today the ruins are an atmospheric place. Hirsau Monastery

Alpirsbach Monastery

The Monastery is one of the few surviving monasteries in southwestern Germany built in the spirit of the Hirsau Reforms. Alpirsbach Monastery

Ochsenhausen Monastery

The well preserved Ochsenhausen Monastery is one of the highlights of the Upper Swabian Baroque Route. Ochsenhausen Monastery

Großcomburg Monastery

Grosscomburg Monastery – one of Europe’s finest – stands glorious and majestic, high above the Kocher valley. Großcomburg Monastery

Schöntal Monastery

The Baroque Schöntal Monastery is adorned with two towers and houses the remains of Götz von Berlichingen. Schöntal Monastery

Heiligkreuztal Monastery

Heiligkreuztal is a hidden gem rich in cultural heritage and beautiful architecture, with much to offer visitors. Heiligkreuztal Monastery


Eines der wichtigsten Monumente badischer geschichte

Grabkapelle Karlsruhe

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