Hohentwiel fortress ruins

Hohentwiel’s imposing ramparts, its fallen towers and defiant ruins still evoke the military might of the fortress. Hohentwiel fortress ruins

Rötteln Castle

Rötteln Castle is located in the southwestern corner of Baden-Württemberg. It is the third-largest ruined castle in Baden. Rötteln Castle


Badenweiler Castle sits atop a picturesque hill with a marvelous view overlooking the spa gardens of Badenweiler. Badenweiler Castle

Hohenbaden Old Castle

Hohenbaden Old Castle is one of the oldest possessions of the margraves of Baden – its origins go back to the 12th century. Hohenbaden Old Castle

Wäscherschloss Castle

The site has survived since the Middle Ages in outstanding condition and is prime example of a Staufer residence. Wäscherschloss Castle

Dilsberg Fortress Ruins

Dilsberg Fortress Ruins are known for their sweeping 360° views of the Neckar valley and the Odenwald forest. Dilsberg Fortress Ruins

Yburg Castle

The ruined Yburg Castle is a popular destination for day-trippers, and a symbol of the wine region of Baden-Baden. Yburg Castle

Alt-Eberstein Castle

Alt-Eberstein Castle occupies a hilltop with an ideal strategic position. The keep offers a magnificent vista. Alt-Eberstein Castle

Hochburg Castle

Hochburg Castle, at the foothills of the Black Forest, is one of the largest ruined castles in the Upper Rhine Valley. Hochburg Castle


Right into the late Middle Ages, the castle on Hohenstaufen was a focal point of political power. Hohenstaufen


Eines der wichtigsten Monumente badischer geschichte

Grabkapelle Karlsruhe

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